Angelic Healing Temple


  A "Healing Temple" brings people together to experience

the wonders and healing of the Divine.

How does this happen?

  • You sit in a comfortable chair, or lie on a Yoga Mat on the floor.

  • Elisha is the physical anchor for "The Angels from the Heart of God".

  • A force-field of powerful, loving energy is created and used by God's healing Angels.

  • This sacred energy dynamic or force-field is called a "Temple".

  • You relax, open gently, and feel gratitude for the healing of body, mind and spirit. God's Angels do the rest. Miracles, renewal and joy spring forth!

     Elisha Gabriell has worked for many years with the

Angels from the Heart of God to heal, uplift and serve humanity.

               **Bring a floor or Yoga mat and a light blanket. Important!

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