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So, You Want to Become a Healer with the Whispers of Love Course?

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I'm guessing that you already are a healer. You have the most compassionate heart, you love children and animals (yes, even the "ugly" ones because you see beauty in everything!) and love to lift others up in whatever ways you can. You may have had instances where you served as a healer outside of the traditional office and session environment. You may be a Yoga teacher or life coach who wants to serve even more through offering healing!

You don't really need to become a healer, you simply need the structure and inspiration with which to support your healing skills in a service setting. Some training in energy healing and business set-up would be frosting on the almond flour cake!

You're NOT looking for a year or two long program that teaches detailed anatomy for a great price of $11,400, you'd like to start helping people and making an income much sooner than that. And if this course would give you everything that you need to start healing with a Step by Step Process, you'd be in heaven, right?

In these current times, large portions of humanity exist within a world of chaos. People seem to be lost and confused, opinionated and divided. We are in the greatest era of transition that has ever happened upon our beautiful Earth Mother.

For decades, separation and greed have ruled business. Competition has been the bottom line. How can I get more of the profit share than the other guy? Corporations urge climbing the ladder of "success", rewarding employees with larger salaries and that corner office if they play by the rules.

Factories still dump toxic waste into living oceans, while lumber companies cut down old growth forests at alarming rates, without a concern for our home planet. Children still go hungry and face abuse from occasional family members, angry teachers, hostile caretakers and unfortunatly abusive authority figures.

I don't want to focus too much on the dark side of current life because I absolutely KNOW that these self-centered practices are slowly falling by the wayside to become memories of how we once treated our planetary home and every living being. Hearts are awakening!

There has Never been a time when YOU were more needed to assist in bringing back the frequency of LOVE to our changing world. We are transiting from an age of darkness into an age of light, a Golden Age.

This age of 12,000 years, this Yuga, has just begun, so we have quite a way to go to an age of complete awakening, an age of planetary Peace and enlightenment.

Hearts that have been deeply wounded need YOU. Bodies and minds that are exhausted and weary from stress on every level call out for YOUR spirit to shine a light into their lives. We all need to be reminded that we are sparks of Source/Creator. We all need another living being to become the mirror so that we can once again see the light that we are, and breathe a sigh of relief, a moving back into an eternal state of peace, the natural bubbling from within of joy!

We need simple and also more profound reminders that each of us creates the details of our own worlds. Each of us is creating and manifesting in each eternal NOW moment. Our thoughts are the vehicle. Our emotions are the engine that drive our thoughts into creation that we can see, touch and live. 

People are awakening at greater speeds than we have ever awakened before. Physical and emotional symptoms of this raising of our planetary and personal frequencies can manifest on many levels.

Some will embrace this rising mass frequency. This rapid change can bring about subtle and more dramatic symptoms of imbalance, as one adjusts to cellular change. Some will resist a changing planet, the change in ones mental and physical chemistry. This can cause other symptoms when allowing is required, but not merged into.

Some will choose to leave the planet to experience within other realms of existence. This leaves many behind who feel their loss and can't fathom how their loved one left those who stayed behind to continue their own growth upon and within the dawning of the New World.

Many years ago, in the early 90s, I was managing the Nutrition and Body Care departments at a large natural food store chain called Wild Oats Market. As I stood talking to a woman about our weight loss products, she chose one of them and let me know that she intended to "get out the whip" and get herself in shape. 

My entire body rebelled and resisted her intention.  I heard within myself these words,


               Love is the most powerful force in the Universe!

I replied to this woman that the age of force, the age of shaming ourselves was over. We have entered a new age, where we will nurture ourselves into our best well-being. We will care so much about ourselves that we won't settle for less than we deserve! In this new age, we are using the force of Love to make changes that wil last. Not changes that are forced through threats of not being fully loved, but changes in body, mind and spirit that become a remembered part of our core identity. Our Divine Blueprints... fully integrated.


We can love, nuture and heal the Core Issues that have created the imbalances.

My Story-

When I was 21 years old, my 19 year old sister was dying from a form of cancer that was rare in someone her age. I had been practicing Yoga and meditation already for 4-5 years, so I understood that death is an illusion, and that my sister would be returning to realms of light and beauty that we can barely comprehend from our 3D point of view of what life is about.

I was living on the land in New Mexico, but flew home to be with Kathy during her final days. She had told my mom that she wished I could be there. Once I arrived, we found that when I placed my hands over "where it hurt" that the pain would quickly go away. 

This was great, except at 21 years old, I knew that I couldn't hold my hands over parts of her body forever, and was frustrated that I couldn't do that. When I removed my hands, the pain slowly returned.

My consolation was that I was able to help my sister pass to a greater life with much less pain. This was all that I could do, and I accepted that. 

Today, I have developed a system built on the technology of Love. Yes, there is a definite and infinitely expressed technology of Love. (I capitalize the word Love in this context, because it is a hugely important concept to grasp and to embody!)

Love is the living, breathing Force that is the essence and heart of Source/God/the Divine. Love moved within itself. This movement created infinite particles of itself in the cosmic event that we refer to as the Big Bang.

All That Is and All That Is Not Yet was created through Love Intelligence itself. To get to the point, over a vast amount of time, and much more infinite creation, we human beings, beings who are having a human experience inhabited our beautiful garden planet of all abundance.

Linear time came into existence. Memories were created through experience that needed to be stored somewhere in order for us to learn from that experience. Slowly, we forgot that we are particles of Love, of Infinite Divine Source. We began to identify as physical beings who needed to compete for food, for shelter, and worse yet, for Love itself~ Is it possible that we believed that we were separate from the core of our own beings- Love? Unfortunately, yes.

With Whispers of Love- Love Heals Everything! you get to reveal the truth of each client to herself, to himself. This is the fun part! You have the immense privilege of accompanying your client on a deep journey of self-discovery and transformation. You get to use some of the most powerful tools in all of consciousness to unveil that light and beauty within. 


If you want to have these tools in your hands, and choose not to use them, this course might not be the one for you. 


If you fear the blazing light of higher frequencies, this course probably won't work well for you.


If Angels and Masters of Light strike fear within you, please look for another course that you can be more in alignment with.


If you are not motivated by the purest intent to uplift others so that Love can accomplish miracles, then please look for another course. Making a great income is also of pure intent! To make your life the best it can be uplifts others!

Let your heart speak.

Feel the answer that your bones sing within you. 

Trust that song.

Here is What You Recieve-

1. The Technology of Love- Love itself, is like an all-inclusive ray of light that contains and enlivens all of creation. You cannot feel pain from love itself. You can only feel pain from the perceived lack of love.

If someone feels rejected by love, adandoned by love, separated from love or that the world is unloving, this can only be imagination, and a deep belief in separation. We see the world as we are.

There are many techniques to open the windows and doors of illusion, that help you to see the love within yourself and within the universe that is waiting for your embrace.

In this course created from, and guided by the force of love, I'll teach you ways of becoming a mirror of light, a mirror of the love that your client has blocked or turned away from.

  • You'll learn how to focus the infinite ray of the force of love to within a particular spectrum, like focusing the ray of a laser toward a part of the physical body. 

  • You'll learn my Step-by-Step process of clearing, releasing, and manifesting that supports your or your clients mindset, physical symptoms and radiant Spirit! You'll lead your client through this powerful and sacred process of transformation.

  • You'll feel your effectiveness as a healer when you learn to use the shamanic Breath of Power to release lower frequencies and to help each client embody a new frequency of Love.

  • There are 2 particular spectrums of emotion which immediately clear blocks and physical imbalances that have manifested through lack of these emotional frequencies. These are forgiveness and self-worth.

  • You'll learn to assist your client or yourself in Quantum Jumping. She'll choose a new timeline that manifests her deepest heart's dreams. You'll manifest your own New World!

2. These are some of the symptoms of imbalance that you'll help your clients to transform:




  Chronic physical weakness/dis-ease

  Low Self-worth

  Low Self-confidence

  Stress Overload 

  Lack of Abundance

  Unknown or Mystery Conditions

  Vague or Intense Fear or Confusion

  Lack of Life-Direction

  Ascension Symptoms

3. Script- You'll receive the exact Script and Step-by-Step Process that I use.

Along with true compassion, a healthy dose of integrity, your own intuition and loving heart, this is all that you'll need to begin doing live in-person phone or in-office sessions. 

You'll recieve the Color Rays Healing Chart that I typed up just for this Course.

4. You'll receive the FREE Bonus, 105 Law of Attraction Deeper Dynamics Script to the TikTok Videos.

You'll review this Law of Attraction bonanza daily to keep your own manifesting frequency high and on track.  A $97 Value, included in this course! If you want to watch my actual videos, my Tiktok address is: LOAGoddess.  YouTube: Elisha Gabriell. Remember, you are creating your world with every thought and emotion. Why not create stunning success?


5. YOUR Personal Healing Session with me!  I can't wait to demonstate for you the power of this -Whispers of Love- Love Heals Everything! Course!  Once your Registration is confirmed, we'll set a time for your phone call to release your blocks to Success, and give you a direct experience of how to flow with the force of Love to bring awakening and remembrance. Every session is scheduled to last  approx. 20-30 minutes. You can accomplish sooo much in that time. I'll also be available for your course questions! 


6. I'll give you a Marketing Flyer that you can hand out anywhere. Just use your own personal info. for clients to contact you, and you're ready to go! You can use the marketing text to run Facebook Ads, or to create another flyer for a special occasion. It's yours!

7. A vital part of your Action Steps upon Registration is to set up your 5 Practice Sessions. These can be with family, co-workers, team-mates, besties, or place an ad on Craigslist under Events to draw your 5 Practice Clients. You'll trade a FREE session in exchange for a positive testimonial from each of the 5 practice clients. This course is set up for you to do your sessions by phone, Zoom, or any other vehicle that works for you. Of course, you can do in-person healing sessions in your home office.


Tell them that details must be included!  You don't want a vague, "I really enjoyed the healing with_______" You need details for powerful testimonials.  This will be vital to get you started in your business, so don't give your energy away for nothing. This is powerful stuff, and it and you have immense value!  

You'll then type up a quick report to me, describing your 5 experiences and including all 5 testimonials

I'll be waiting with excitement to see how you did!  If you goof up a little, it's all okay! This is why you're practicing. If I feel that you might still need more practice, I'll advise you accordingly.

8. You'll have one year FREE ACCESS to our brand new Facebook Group, Love Heals Everything!  (easy to remember, right?) I want to hear how you're doing on an ongoing basis. We'll celebrate, cheer each other on, learn and be inspired by each other's stories. If you want to be supported, a Healer's Circle is the best place ever! And your first year comes included in the course! Wow!

9. These are just some of the benefits that you'll recieve from Love Heals Everything!

  • Your intuition will open up dramatically over time. 

  • Your deeper perception will awaken to identify the Core Issues of your clients, and what is needed to allow love in.

  • Your amazing Heart Center will open to realms of Beauty and higher dimensions that you never knew existed. When I allowed myself complete access to my own heart center, I found a marble and gold (Sun and Moon) temple that held other higher worlds within it. What will you find?

  • Life will get easier as you release the tiny holdouts of fear that you've been basing your story and your identity on.

  • Your ability to communicate with the unseen realms of Angels, Yeshua, Mary and Masters of Light wil become easier, and seem much more natural.

  • You'll feel so proud of yourself that you're finally able to make a great income through helping clients heal and open to the magnificence that they truly are!


$$$$ Speaking of income, how much will you make?

Just like every other entrepreneurial endeavor, I have to tell you bluntly that your own committment, mindset and hands-on work will determine your success. All of the elements are right here for you to create your every dream, but you can't register for this course, and then freeze up with fear, and take no action. 


I've included my own 105 TikTok Law of Attraction Videos Script to enable you to blast away fear and doubt and move with quickness toward a fully enriching and fully booked healing business. You can refer to your favorite affirmations and visualizations over and over again to keep your creating and manifesting vibe high.

So, let's play with numbers-


Whispers of Love- Love Heals Everything I'm going to start with very realistic numbers. You'll gradually build your business to more and more.

If you charge $129 per session with 1 session a day, 5 days per week, you'll make $645 week, or $2,580 per month. Double that for 2 sessions per day with- $5160.

This is working 2 sessions per day. You might schedule your online sessions from 9am-12 noon, and then have the rest of the day to yourself. As your business picks up and the word gets out very quickly about how you're work is changing people's lives, you might schedule 3 sessions for 3 days per week and be free the rest of the week. You'll have time left over to run another part-time biz, pick up kids from school, work in your art studio or ride your horse!


Expect to build gradually until your healing practice is overflowing. I know healers who are scheduled 2-3 months in advance with very full schedules. People are reaching out for help with their lives and mindsets more and more in these sometimes unsettling times. 

As your work proves itself and word spreads, you can raise your rates accordingly- $2-$300 per session (offer packages) is normal with popular healers.


If you add events at Body, Mind and Spirit Churches, or offer healing appointments through other Holistic practitioners, you can easily add another 10- 20 Healing Sessions per month.

Are you beginning to get the idea that helping to transform lives can be quite lucrative?

Then, there is the whole concept of doing Group Healings online. You can run an online webinar with WebinarJam, or Zoom, or countless others! You can run Facebook ads to promote these, or hit whatever Social Media that you're comfortable with. There are already free Youtube videos that teach you how to run a Facebook Ad, step by step, so I'm not going to take your time to promote those here.


Be sure to remind client's of the appointment that they booked 3 days before their session and then the day before, and the morning of. The session should be paid for upon booking, not the morning of the session!

I know one beautiful and heart-centered Healer who began her work at the beach. She was homeless and slept in her car at night. Today, she runs a worldwide healing business through her website. She has created many downloads for healing of many ailments. She created downloads for healing Abundance issues, downloads for Anxiety, for Skeletal Structure, for Hormones, and on and on. 

You can do the same!  Believe in your innate abilty to channel healing and to create success! Own your ability as a healer. Own your business and financial success through the Law of Attraction and the Force of Love! Nothing can stop you except yourself.


                 We do not create the healing. The client opens to and

allows the healing, 

    We are simply the "tubes of light" or vehicles that open our own

   bodies, minds and spirits to let Love flow through us.


If you use this Whispers of Love system to free yourself and others,

how will that impact your life in 30 days? How about 90 days?  360 days?

How will you feel emotionally? Confident? Strong? Powerful? More Loving? 


Which Audio Downloads will you sell from your site or Facebook Page?

In what ways will your life be more free? Where will you be living? 

How will the lives of your family be impacted?

Will they be able to spend more time with you in activities that you all love?

If you choose to Invest in this Whispers of Love course

will you have a stronger feeling of self-worth?

Will you deeply know your place and your purpose in this sacred world?

Will you feel blessed as your clients thank you again and again?

I know that you'll feel grateful that you decided to partner

with the Angels from the Heart of God, and

Masters of Healing and Light to bring healing and awakening

to so many hearts.

Don't keep your healing abilities on the back burner

when there are so many who need you!  

If you had access to a complete healing system that 

guided you Step-by-Step...

If you could begin your practice in 30-60 days...

If you could be included in a Facebook Group

with other loving healers,

just like you... for one full year!

And, if you were given the transcripts to 105 Law of Attraction Affirmations 

that will blast you right through any doubt, hesitation and fear?

Would you say YES! to that opportunity?


You certainly can say NO loudly and clearly. 

Then, where will your life be in 30 days?  In 60 days?

You don't have to study and train for years.

You won't pay $1000 mo. for the next 12 months.

Here it is-  The Whispers of Love-  Love Heals Everything! Healing System.

For all the course and personal benefits that 

you'll receive as soon as you 

click the Register Button, you won't pay $1000 per month

for the next 12 months. 


You'll pay a one time Investment of: $997.





* 6 Months to Pay!

You can use PayPal Credit to pay as much as you want to,

when you want to. You just need to pay the entire amount 

within 6 months or be charged a Credit fee.


Set your PayPal Credit 6 Months to Pay account up here:  Buy Now Pay Later





Thank-you for embracing the love that you are!

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