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Dreaming Your Life Awake-
DreamWeavers Circle  Wednesdays 7pm 

DReaming 15.jfif

As our lovely planet and all of life move into the higher frequencies of 5th Dimensional Realities,

we find that we are now able to dream in 5D and Beyond

Your nightly dreams have truly incredible messages and experiences waiting for you 

to open the door to your own personal Dream World.

These are some of the treasures that await, as you learn to access interdimensional realities:

  • Beautiful landscapes that you'll explore that let you know that the peace and beauty that you're looking for is right there inside of you.

  • You'll get glimpses of your "perfect" direction in life- a career or pasttime that fulfills your soul and expands who you really are.

  • You'll learn to cultivate your dream garden to receive answers on any topic that you'd love clarity on.

  • You'll have more freedom in your waking life, as you clear limitations that have held you back. 

  • You'll face dream fears... and find that they were simply parts of you that are asking for recognition or unconditional love! You'll practice Dream Healing that you can do at home!    

  • You may receive downloads or "codes" or higher frequency activations that gently enhance your ascensions process, and service to others.

For Questions and Registration    719-244-3165   Elisha Gabriell (Song of the Wind)  

                                                     $97 for 4 weeks of DreamCircle at Celebration Metaphysical Store

                                                      Checks, Money Orders or Cash Only  No Debit Cards! 


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