Deep Healing & Renewal Program

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When life is rough and tough, you need time and space to heal, to soothe and to nurture yourself. At Laughing Goddess International, we're committed to giving you the support you need to feel better. Our classes, healing sessions and healthy, delicious meals will refresh your body and spirit,

and get you back on track to feeling fabulous!


This non-medical program addresses those life-style aspects of health

that you can include every day.


Classes on Herbal Healing, Nutrition for Health, Goodbye Stress Spa Day, Essential Oils to Restore Your Inner and Outer Glow, Inner Child Healing, and Gentle Chi Gung for Healing (and much more!) will support you in moving back into alignment with what is possible for you.


Tired body? Exhausted spirit? Lost that glow? Feeling stuck or stagnant?


Our Deep Healing & Renewal Program is designed to:

*Bring you back into balance, 

*Give you the tools to heal what ails you, and to

*Re-ignite your inner passion and excitement for life!


We can't wait to wrap you up in a big Laughing Goddess

Healing Program hug!


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