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Unveil Your Goddess Body-

The No-Starve, No-Blame LOVE-YOUR-AMAZING-SELF Food Guide that Ends Dieting Forever!-


Beneath those layers of doubt, self-judgment and fear, lies that core-essence of pure love, acceptance, and wholeness!


A part of every person wants to be vibrant, healthy and strong!


If you're confused about whether you should  create your daily menu using Paleo, Raw-Foods, Ayurveda, Vegan, Vegetarian or Whole Foods, you need this information.


I compare each food system for health, and give you my personal experience with each system. One system gave me so much gas, I thought I would float away! Each food system is valuable and has treasures for health.


So, how do you decide which approach to use in your daily life?


Find out your Goddess body type and create your own road to a vital, slim and healthy YOU!


If you delight in healthy and incredibly delicious food (complete with recipes) you'll love this info!


Yes, you are a Goddess! Treat yourself like one!



Unveil Your Goddess Body

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White Buffalo and the

Rainbow Warrior


Come along with Elisha as she journeys through her own fear and attachment to embrace a brand new life of connection and of deep communion with All That Is!


Meet Old Coyote Woman, that little elder who teaches Elisha of the ancient wisdom teachings.


Meet Spirit of the Hawk who enfolds her in his wings of power.


That attractive spirit-brother, Two Trees, shows Elisha images of groups who are gathering to uphold our sacred Earth through the power of the heart, the greatest power in the world!

Elisha offers her own life journey (visions, lessons, tears and laughter) as a mirror for you to see your own magnificence, beauty and potential.


Our Earth is awakening... come along for the greatest ride of your life!


I wrote White Buffalo many years ago, but my adventures in the realms of Spirit are truly timeless, and very relevant to your own spiritual journey.


Read it, then let me know what you think!


White Buffalo and the Rainbow Warrior

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