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1. What is distance healing? How can it possibly be effective?



Answer: Only within the realm of the physical earth, ego and personality is there a dynamic that we label, "Time and Space". That's okay, because this allows us to experience events that we attract or choose to participate within, in order to learn and grow. Contrast is provided. When contrast is provided, we learn what we would prefer, and then take action to heal ourselves and to manifest the life we choose.


Beyond the third dimensional concept of time is the realm of timelessness. There is only HERE, there is only NOW. 


It's a little bit restricting to say that we're all connected, because in Divine reality, we are all one, not separate beings who are in some way connected.


We are an unlimited number of facets or prisms within the same crystal. We are various aspects of the Divine. This is a funny way to look at it, but I always use the example of a basic cookie dough- I guess because I've baked cookies my whole life! Some of us have peanut butter added, some have chocolate added, some have lemon added, and some have lots of nuts! But we're all the same basic dough- God, Source, the Divine! 


The realm that I work from is the realm of Here and Now. I bring the client into my own awareness of Here and Now so that client (you or your family) is right in front of me on an energy level. I then work on your energy field (your body is energy that dances, moves and spins!) from that place.




2. Will you guarantee that I will be healed? 


Answer: Every person is unique. Every person has their own unique body chemistry. No, I would be dishonoring you to claim that you will certainly be healed.


I am a part of a team of healers in the unseen realms who work through the heart of God. The Angels from the Heart of God introduced themselves to me many years ago.


You are the other important member of the team. To what degree will you open and allow the divine force of Love to move deeply into your being?


Do you have beliefs that limit the expression of your own divine nature?


Do you receive benefits for your illness, disability or imbalance? Does a tiny part of you enjoy playing the "victim"?


I worked on an elderly woman who received a huge amount of benefits for her severe arthritis. When she saw that the inflammation was being healed, and that she was rapidly recovering, she stopped the healing sessions with me. 


She greatly valued the disabled benefits that she received (money, care, attention, massage and socialization- all free) and she was afraid of being left alone in her older years, with nothing. I really understood her situation, and supported her decision to stop the healing of her disabling arthritis.


So, I ask YOU, "What benefits might you be recieving from friends, family or the government that you might be reluctant to give up if you became vibrant, whole and healthy in body, mind and spirit?


Would your life change drastically in ways that might make you afraid?


Kindly explore these deeper issues before scheduling sessions with me, as I want you to be able to experience the most amazing healing ever!



3. What do you charge by the hour?


Answer: I don't charge by the hour. For the style of work that I do, this is a limiting expectation. I charge by the grouping of sessions, which I call a Package. Most of the time, a session runs 20-30 minutes. Occasionally, a session is 10 minutes, occasionally 40 minutes. Longer is not better, it just means that that specific healing took longer than usual. God can heal in the blink of an eye!


I am the vehicle for the healing love of the Divine. I am a hollow tube, and many times, I follow instructions as to where to put my hands. Sometimes, I receive images or messages for my client. Sometime, I don't. When the energy flow winds down and stops, that's the end of the session. I can't make it last longer or end more quickly.


Nor would I want to arrogantly think that I am in charge, and that I determine the length of the healing session. Luckily, I'm not that arrogant! I know that I am a hollow tube. The healing love of God flows through my body and consciousness. 


I give my time, attention and the use of my body, mind and spirit. For the actual healing, say Thank-you to God/The Living Presence/The Spirit of LIfe.

4. I'll be offering 3 month Discount Packages soon. Let me know if you're interested!



In Healing Journey Packages, I give you the tools and awareness you need in order to

move quickly toward the healing that you most desire!  


Which Healing Package will you choose?










Do you need to heal your finances?

Affirmation for Financial Abundance:  Center yourself. Close your eyes. Take 3 long, slow inhales, and let each breath out through your mouth. Place your awareness in your heart center.


Affirm: "I am filled to overflowing, that I may give to myself... and the World! " 3X



Be blessed with an abundance of health, wealth, passion and enjoyment of life!


Much Love!


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