Healing with the Angels (and Masters)

Elisha Soleil Gabriell

   Visonary and Integrative Healing Arts Practitioner

Divine Light Healing Sessions


  • Fill those empty places inside with the power of love!

  • Joy blossoms... healing takes place

  • Vibrant health is restored as your true state of being

  • Your sense of Divine Purpose is set free!


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Woman- Powerful, Wise, Joyous, Abundant!


  • Do you struggle with  low self-value, career, love or money?

  • Your stored emotions affect your health and your wealth

  • Clear, cleanse and detox old emotions that are creating your life story!


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for Women Page

Healing with the Angels

for Children


 Your Little One needs comfort and healing.

That's just what the Angels are here for!


Your child will be wrapped in a blanket of pure love.

Healing of body and spirit can now begin!


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Healing Page

Affirmation:  Center yourself, place both hands over your heart, take 3 deep breaths and affirm-

"I am magnificently loved... and worthy of every good thing!"  3X