Healing with the Angels for Children


Your little one needs comfort and healing. That's just what 

the love of the Angels is all about! 


Whether your child is ill with a cold or flu, a disability, or

something more serious, the "Angels from the Heart of God"

want to soothe and heal.

If your child or grandchild is going through an uneasy transition, has lost 

 a beloved pet or family member, or has started a new school, invite the Angels 

to bring the love of God's heart directly into your child's life.


Children usually are able to feel the Angel's loving intention

to comfort and nurture, and to bring a sense of peace.


Children are, many times, more sensitive than adults. They feel the

blanket of loving comfort and healing in which they are enfolded, and respond with deep rest.


Within this state of deep peace, healing can occur. Tho' we cannot guarantee that your little one 

will be healed, we know that every child benefits from the Angels' loving touch!




Please see Healing Journeys Packages

(under Gabriell Healing drop down tab) for session

costs for your precious child.


**Special price just for children.







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