Healing Journeys for Women




Woman- Powerful, Wise, Joyous, Abundant!


Come. Sit down. Listen.  I have a little story to tell you.



On an early Spring morning, I settled in to begin my morning meditation. I began to use my breath- long, slow inhales and relaxed, slow exhales as I focused upon expanding my awareness. My mind quieted and became still, like the pure surface of a serene lake. As I shifted my energy into a state of purest love, I experienced a part of myself that I had not known or felt before.


From within that place of all-knowing and all-being, I moved into a state where I KNEW my true identity.


I knew that I AM a Goddess, come to Earth to serve and to uplift our sacred planet and humanity to the awakening of the Golden Age.


As the energy moved deeper within my being, I next realized that

EVERY WOMAN IS A GODDESS.  This is true because every woman manifests the feminine principle of the Divine, the Goddess aspect of All That Is.


Beneath those layers of self-doubt, fear, judgment and anger, lies the core of Divine Light that you really are. Every woman has the power to both create the life of her dreams, and to change the world through the power of her heart.


  • Do you live with the wounds of past trauma and abuse?

  • Do you struggle with relationship, career, self-value and confidence?

  • Do you attract men who are not worthy of your best self?

  • Do you wish that you could make a better income to support your deepest dreams?

  • Do you often wish that you could live your life with a sense of freedom instead of limitation?


 Your outer life reflects your inner beliefs

and stored emotions.




I, Elisha, overcame a violent alcoholic father and deep insecurity to become a visionary, author, healer, and Chief Joy and Vision Officer of Laughing Goddess International.


I'd be deeply honored to work with you through these Healing Journeys to set free

that amazing light within you. 


 We'll work together to uncover your true beauty and potential.

Layers of doubt and fear are transformed forever!

Your inner light and unique gifts begin to shine brighter and clearer!


You are a Goddess...

And you are worth your every dream coming true!



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Trust yourself, listen to your heart... and let's do this!












Lots of Love, Many Blessings!