Healing (Distance Healing)

Journey Packages:


Package 1: The Bright Star- Individual Healing

Once a week for 4 weeks. Sessions last for approx. 20-30 min. Cost- $227 package


Package 2: The Twin Flame- Healing for Couples

Once a week for 4 weeks. Sessions last for approx. 20-30 min.

Healing for body, mind and spirit. Cost- $ 267 package



Package 3: The Aspen- Healing for Your Whole Family

One a week for 4 weeks. Sessions last 20 min. for each family member.

Cost- $297 Must be your immediate family- spouse/partner, yourself and children.



Package 4: Healing with the Angels for Children

Children age 12 and under only. One child, once a week for 4 weeks.

Does not have to be immediate family member.

Special price just for children $97




What to Do Next:

1. View the Healing Journey Packages. Find the best package for you.

2. Scroll down to the Payment Buttons. Find YOUR package button. 

3. Click the PayPal Button for your package. You can use any major credit card.

  • PayPal is the absolute safest way to pay online.

  • Use PayPal Credit to pay for your Healing Journey in payments up to 6 months, if you choose.

4. You are now "In". I'll contact you with your Divine Light Healing Session info.

as soon as I receive your payment. I'll notify you of the dates and times of your

Healing Sessions in an email, so leave your very best email! 

Bright Star- 4 Weeks $227

Twin Flame- 4 Weeks $267

The Aspen- For Your Whole Family $297

Healing for Children- $97

I look forward to working with you!  Much love!


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