Healing Stories



I began practicing Yoga many years ago, in the little farming town in Illinois in which I grew up.


A longing for deeper truth blossomed within me somewhere around the age of 17 years old. Two years later, I was teaching daily Yoga classes at the University of Arizona- Tucson. Later, I taught through the Univ. of California- Fullerton. I loved teaching Yoga, Whole Foods Cooking, Women's Vision Circles, Healing, and many other classes for 25 years.


These are a few of the Healing Stories through the years. Tho', at that time, I hadn't "gone professional", I worked on whoever needed it- usually family, friends and co-workers.



Healing Stories:


When I was 21 years old, my younger sister, Kathy, was dying from a rare form of cancer. I went home from Santa Fe to be with her during her last few months of life. 


We found that when I put my hands over her, "where it hurt", the pain disappeared. The only problem  was that I couldn't hold my hands there forever, and didn't know what to do about that. The good part was that these sessions brought relief to my sister during her last days on Earth.




Years later, my boyfriend at the time suffered from severe "cluster headaches". These headaches had him sitting on the bed, moaning and crying at night. Steve said that the pain was so fierce that it felt as if his head were splitting open. People have committed suicide rather than live with these headaches. Ugh!


I was guided to do 6 healing sessions, one each night after work for 6 nights. At the end of those 6 sessions, those brutal headaches were gone... and hadn't returned years later!




Years later, and another boyfriend (it's good to be my boyfriend- laughing!) returned home from the lumber mill (Oregon) where he had just gotten a job. His arms were covered in red rash, and tiny cuts and bruises from catching the lumber as it came down a chute.


It turned out that he was allergic to the chemicals that the lumber was treated with. This was not a good situation.


As we sat on the couch that night watching t.v., I simply put my hands over his arms and watched t.v. In 2 hours, his arms had healed- every cut, rash and bruise. Done!














Another time, I was camping in a tipi in New Mexico. One of the girls who was also camping there was bitten by a Blue Healer. This breed of dog is trained to bite at the heels of cattle to keep them moving for the handler. 


For some reason, this dog attacked "Kat" and tore out a chunk of her heel and ankle. Kat went to a local doctor and got antibiotics, and the wound cleaned and bandaged.


I offered to work on that injury for her, as she was walking on crutches, and was in quite a bit of pain with every step. 


I worked on her for around 20 minutes, until the energy flow slowed down and came to completion.

I was guided to tell Kat that now her wound would heal in around 30% quicker time frame.


4 days later, I saw Kat coming toward me in the campground. She happily let me know that she had just come from the doctor. He had checked her progress and was pleased. He casually remarked, "Hmmm. This seems to be healing about 30% faster than I expected!"    Cool or what?




Years later, I was taking care of an elderly client, Audrey. (I've done Senior and Alzheimer's Care for many years). She was in pain with severe arthritis. I offered to do some healing work on her, and she gratefully accepted.


I worked on her several times a week for 3 weeks. Her arthritis was gone. Audrey remarked to her son, who had come to visit, "Elisha has God in her hands!"












Kitty Story- My beloved cat, Feather (she was soft, wise and graceful as a feather) lapped up some car anti-freeze that had dripped in the driveway while I was living in Ocala, Florida. She became very sick, and lay flat on her side, on the living room floor. I knew intuitively that "healing love" could help her.


I sat on the floor with her and gave her 3 healing treatments that day. The next day, she was up, moving normally, and was in complete health- yay!


Healing is healing- for any living being. And, yes, the anti-freeze was cleaned up, and the car repaired!
















May 2020- Salesman with Migraine


I had answered an ad inviting me to learn more about possible social security benefits that I could be receiving. Since I had very limited knowledge of this area, I asked for an appointment in my home.

About 15 minutes after the appointed time, the salesman arrived.

He came in apologizing, "I"m so sorry to be late. I've got a migraine and I wasn't sure that I was reading the directions correctly! Ever since a car accident a couple of years ago, my spine has been messed up, and I get frequent daily migraines. I've tried chiropractics and acupuncture with no success!"

I sat him down at my kitchen table and told him, "For the past few years, I've been breaking migraines very succesfully. So far, I have a 100% success rate."

He laughed and said, "Woman! Don't play with me! Get over here and do your magic on me! The minute I looked at you, I knew you were magic!"

I laughed too, especially at the use of his word, "magic", but immediately began massaging his back and neck, finding a huge mass of brick hard muscles on the right side. The mass was so hard that I doubted that I could impact it, but did my "thing" anyway. I then turned the energy work over to the Angels and other beings of healing from the heart of God and followed their instructions.

Literally, after about a minute, he exclaimed, "It's gone! It's gone! You're still at hundred percent!"

I laughed again, and replied, "Great! Just let me finish up and you'll be good to go."

I then released blocked energy in his whole system, and took a deep breath. It was finished.

He said, "Thank-you" many times more, and then got started on attempting to sell me "Life Insurance". I told him that it wasn't life insurance, it was death insurance, and that I just wasn't interested.

He said, "Well, just a minute, I want to give you something in return. You did that for me, as a total stranger, not expecting anything in return. I want to give you something."  He headed out the door to his car. I waited, thinking maybe that he would find a company ink pen or something to give to me.

He came back, stuffing some money into my hand, again telling me how grateful he was, and that if had more cash with him, he would have given it to me. When he left, I opened my hand, and saw that he had given me $40. 

I was surprised, but grateful that my spirit and the Angelic healers had affirmed to me that I could possibly do my healing work as a business. Very cool!




Many more stories, too little space!


Now, 3/4 of the way through my life, I'm an elder, healer, visionary, author, mom of 3 grown sons, Grammy of 3 grandchildren, entrepreneur and joy-worker! I stand in the truth that Love is the most powerful force in any universe!  Soon, I'll have t-shirts for all of us that say, "I Stand for Love!"   I can't wait to get these designed and printed for you!


The Divine Presence of Love  is now guiding me to make these healing sessions available to you and your loved ones. Please see the Healing Journeys Packages page for all the information you need to begin your own healing.


I'm honored to serve with heavenly beings of light, the Angels from the Heart of God, to bring balance, health and healing of body, mind and spirit. 


Love does move mountains!



Be Blessed!