Hello God, Please Send Money!

How You Can Harness the Forces of the Universe

to Create Money Miracles in Your Life-



  • EFT for Manifesting Prosperity... Starting Today!

  • Healing Money Blocks that Hold You in "Not Enough"-

  • Ask, Believe, Receive... Is That Really All There Is to It?

  • Turning Possibilities into Probabilities- And the Brainwave State that Makes This Possible!

  • First and Second Chakra Clearing... Now You're Open to Receiving!

  • Enjoy the Prosperity You Need for Yourself and Others                 

                      Have you read EVERY book on creating wealth

and prosperity and still no results?

Are you ready for real change?

This "Hello God, Please Send Money" Workshop breaks your barriers to creating real abundance using new tools that support your brand new love-relationship with money.

Elisha Soleil Gabriell taught Kundalini Yoga for 25 years and founded the Crystal Light Sacred Center in Fullerton, Ca.  She is an author, healer and humble visionary who is dedicated to helping others open to freedom on all levels. She has gone from barely surviving to

FINALLY having her deepest dreams come true!   

This is one day that will change your

Money Story forever! 

Join Us!

Hello God, Please Send Money
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