Hi! I'm Elisha



Hi! I'm Elisha Soleil Gabriell, an ex-Yoga Teacher of 25 years,

Angelic Healer, Visionary and Author.

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I'm a passionate Whole Foods Cook, and founder of

"Laughing Goddess International".


My dream was to combine many of my passions in a heartfelt and practical program that would uplift women to their best possible lives...

for each woman to know her capacity for success in whatever

she chooses to create- for health, abundance, vitality,

and for an expansive spirit,

and an amazing & loving heart!

Through this intention,

Laughing Goddess International  

came to be!

I absolutely know that women have the power to

change the world through our

intelligence, our amazing hearts, our fearlessness, 

our laughter... and our grace!

Affirmation: Take 3 long, deep breaths. Relax and center yourself. 

Place both hands over your heart and say, with feeling,

"I am magnificently loved... and worthy of every good thing!" 3x 


Do this daily until it becomes your reality...

And remember- your best self is so needed by the world!

Classes, Healing and Workshops to
Set You Free!


       Laughing Goddess


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