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5 Weeks to Freedom is
Your New  
Slim, Healthy & Wise YOU!


This is what you'll get in your 5 Weeks to Freedom Course:

  • My ebook- Unveil Your Goddess Body- the No Blame, No Shame, Love-Your-Amazing-Self Food Guide that Ends Dieting Forever!

  • One Module Discovery Lesson for 5 Weeks in a Row- Each week, I'll lead you through a transformational process designed for you to get to know yourself better than you ever have before. Each lesson will include Action Steps that will support your inner work in your real world. You'll heal, stay focussed, have "aha"s and love yourself exactly as you are, while gently and fiercely aiming for your best slim self!

  • Life-changing Power Affirmations that get to the core dynamics of WHY you overeat. The Ultimate Affirmation that blasts away low self-worth!

  • You'll Enjoy Recipes- just for a woman's sensitive body. Smoothies, Ancient Recipes, and to-live-for desserts!

  • Detox that Liver for Fast Weight Loss! A stagnant liver will cause weight gain. Here is an Anthony William Detox Smoothie that will help your liver help you to lose all of the weight that you want to lose!

  • The Four Goddess Types- How your type thrives and stays in balance. Which Goddess Type are you?

  • Stories that will inspire and uplift you... and make you laugh!

  • The latest cutting edge discoveries on how YOU can lose weight while honoring your uniqueness, and harnassing the power of LOVE!

  • You'll learn to listen to your inner wisdom for true guidance in what you should eat that day. Throw out all of the books, expensive programs, and gurus! Your own inner guidance know what's best for you! Knowledge Plus Intuition = Success!

  • A Home Test you can do to test your thyroid functioning. Once I got my throid working again, the weight started falling off!

  • Unlimited class sessions live with Elisha! This is the time for YOUR questions, your successes, and help with your personal challenges! You'll have the live time and recorded help you need to stay on track. Sign up once and get FREE Live Sessions for 2 years! This lengthy support is unheard of!


You won't find anything like 5 Weeks to Freedom

in other weight loss programs. They focus on "eat less, exercise more." 

We help you to understand yourself on a deeper level

with self-care and self-love as the guiding motivations!

When you heal the urges that cause overeating,

you'll naturally lose weight while also

delighting in scrumptious meals.

YOU decide what and when you eat!

Plus, you get those 2 years of unlimited live group

coaching sessions with Elisha!


Finally, the Truth about becoming slim, wise and

FREE for the rest of your life!


You are Welcome Here!

Step into your worth, step into your heartlight!

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OMG! I'm giving you so much value and so many life-changing tools ! 5 Weeks to Freedom is like no other weight loss program. I know. I searched for something like this and found nothing. I had to create it!  And, I'm so proud to lovingly walk you through

each step for your journey to your new wise, slim, sexy and free self!

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You Can Do This, Too!
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    Here's what Jana Garcia from Austin, Tx. says- "Just a note to say that I loved the 5 Weeks to Freedom program. I feel like a new me! I AM an new me! I tried 2 other well-known programs and spent way more money on them! So far, with 5 Weeks to Freedom, I've lost 52 lbs. and am still going down. My daughters are so proud of their mom, and I'm proud of myself, too!           

        Yes, I'd tell you to get this program and start your own life transformation!"

I'm offering you the opportunity to make a life-choice!
You can continue to do what you've always done,
or Make a Real Power Move that Changes Your Life-
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5 Weeks to Freedom- Rocking Your Skinny Self
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