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Ordinary Miracles

Some of My Personal Tools for Creating Clarity and Joy

The other day, an acquaintance was talking and commented to me, "Well, everybody has problems!" 

 I answered, honestly and simply, "I don't."

She was kind of taken aback with that, and came back at me with, "What? In any area of your life, you don't have a problem?"  

I paused and took a moment to search into my life. Finding nothing that could classify as a problem,  I answered, "No, I don't." The casual friend didn't want to go there, and changed the subject.

When I managed at Wild Oats Market, many years ago, my co-workers would comment that I never seemed to get stressed out like they did. How did this happen? Why did I seem so peaceful all of the time?

I can honestly answer that I had made a commitment to myself to be happy.  Growing up, times were tough at home with an alcoholic father. I decided then that outer circumstances could never affect the unlimited Spirit that I AM. I did much healing and releasing work on myself. I began practicing Yoga in my living room after school at age 17. I experienced the power of the breath combined with the power of focus. I woke up early to practice my Yoga and allow time to meditate. I began teaching Yoga at age 19, in my first year of college at Tucson, Arizona.

After college classes, I would hike up through the mountain trails until I came to a small, idyllic spot with a waterfall, where I would spend hours meditating. A deep connection with spirit was nurtured, and gently grew.

Over the decades, I developed many visualizations and sound tools that I used to bring myself into balance and to align with my highest and truest Self. I learned that my innate knowledge of Power Words was something that the higher teachers affirmed and offered in their teachings. I was (and still am!) excited when a phrase or word that I've used in my meditations and courses turns up in a respected channeled master's lessons. So cool!

These are some of the tools that I share with you in Ordinary Miracles. There are many more that I use today, and that I am creating this very day. 

I am starting to actually believe that I am also a master of my own life. I am starting to stand in that Truth and to take responsibility for my own mastery. These tools will get you headed on the path of claiming your own mastery, your own wisdom, your own connection to your Divine Self. 

When you use the Law of Attraction and the Force of Love on a consistent basis, you'll find that ordinary miracles manifest more and more frequently!

Here's What I'm Sharing:

  • Thought and words are so powerful. Here's how to use them in creating your ideal life.

  • The Living Bells Chant- I was shown a monastery in the etheric realms of the Swiss Alps where this chant goes out to the fill the world very early every morning. It's now yours to use to regain balance, to clear resistance and stress, and to expand your mind into new realms and possibilities.

  • The God is Love Mantra- the only sound vibration you'll need. Change murky waters to bright clarity in your inner and outer worlds. Fill the earth, your body, your home and family with sacred sound.

  • To change thoughts to things, live within this New World, your own new reality. Align with your best future and most powerful NOW.


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Thank-you for Embracing the Light that You Are!

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