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White Buffalo and the Rainbow Warrior-
Adventures in Spirit


Elisha speaks to us of your own humanity- our hopes, dreams, pain, visions and tears. Through her experiences, we feel a longing to understand the deeper meaning of life, fear of an uncertain future, and finally, a profound awakening of Self.

We learn that each of us much follow our own inner sensing of Truth. We come to realize that we are all a small part of the web that connects

all things.  

Teachers in Spirit surround us in many forms who are available to assist

us in our journeys through life.

The Question and Answer Chapter explains such concepts as how to use the breath to expand consciousness. It gives guidance on how to connect with our loving and wise spirit teachers, and answers the age-old question, "What is God?"

Elisha offers her heart and her life as a mirror for humanity to see its own humanness and sacredness.

Join her for the journey of a lifetime!

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