ReWilding Your Feminine Heart

Throwing Off the Shackles of Illusions 

So that You Can Live Free!

Freedom is the true essence of what every woman longs for.


Do you wish you could be free to speak your truth 

with conviction... and kindness?

Do you long to be able to say "No" when someone invades 

beautiful woman 1.jpg

your space or diminishes you in some way?

Would you love to be free of emotional reactions to conversations with family?

 Do you long to expand your charismatic  presence within your own life-  to shine a brighter light, and to have confidence in your  ability to create your dreams?

You love others... and give your time, your heart, your wisdom and your money, but...

Do you give the same to yourself?

This 1 day workshop, "ReWilding Your Feminine Heart" will set you free from the expectations of culture, family and  from your own inner limitations!

You'll learn why you may not be truly 

open to receiving, and how you can open those flood gates to receive all good.


You'll tap into your Inner Wild Woman,

But learn that wildness does not mean out of control or savage.

You'll connect with the living essence of nature- trees, wind, sun, stars

and your personal power animal

to remind you of your power to create your life and your dreams in your own way!

You'll receive the "Blessing of the Animals."

You'll tap into the beauty of your

free spirit and listen to what it has to teach you.

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Join us to unleash the freedom within you!

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