The Awaken! Affirmations

Center yourself.  Take 3 deep breaths. Exhale slowly. Read one affirmation at a time, and sit with the energy of each affirmation for 5-10 seconds, before going to the next.  

  1. I am much greater than my ideas of who I am.  I am a joyful and powerful co-creator, standing at the brink of all possibilities!

  2.  As I continually awaken to more of Who I Am, I easily let go of limiting beliefs that limit the full expression of my creativity, beauty and divine essence.

  3.  As my heart expands more in every moment, I more clearly see my connection to all living things, and that all things are living.

  4.  I know that contrary to appearances, every molecule in every form, in every universe is permeated with the living and loving force of God.  I am always safe within the heart of God... and I am ALWAYS within the heart of God.

  5.  I awaken every day, more and more, to the essence of who I am. Tho’ I am always growing, I take this moment in time to appreciate myself right now. I have come so far! Wow! I am something else!

  6.  Each day, I value myself a little bit more. This self-value opens me to the natural abundance and prosperity of an infinitely rich and abundant world. I am an integral part of this field of abundance. I accept prosperity in all forms and use this tool to create upon the canvas of life!

  7.  As I live fully within this amazing body, and within the jewel of this sacred living Earth, all of my senses come alive with ecstasy! Each of my senses is a gateway to bliss!

  8.  My veils of judgment and low self-worth are dissolved, one by one, until I know the exquisite perfection in all that I look upon (especially in the mirror!)

  9.  As I awaken more and more, my own creativity comes more alive. I begin to give my unique gifts and strengths more naturally and easily, with the enjoyment that comes from the simple act of giving to the Whole, and of finally expressing that which I came to give!

  10.   As I joyfully give to others, I joyfully receive that which is given to me. My arms are open as all good pours down to fill them to overflowing. I delight in experiencing the full circle of what it means to give, and to receive. 

  11. As I dance, interwoven with the creative forces of Life, passion is freely expressed in emotion, physical vibrancy, cascading flow and joyful, tumbling expression of Self and of the essence of Life!


I say YES to Life!

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