Woman Emerging!

Using Shamanic Music and the Human Voice to Clear the Fear that Controls You

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A new consciousness is birthing from the heart of our sacred Earth

and from the heart of every woman.

We will gather to reclaim our original beauty, innocence and grace.

As of this time (2021), Woman Emerging! will be held as a local event.

If you'd like to be included, please join my email list on the Welcome Home page so that I'll know when there are

enough women and daughters in any 1 locale to actually hold the event.

This hour and a half event uses the power of consciousness-expanding music and the human voice to remove deep patterns of fear that is stored

in the cells of our bodies, within our DNA, and within our soul memory:

  • Know Your Power and Grace as a Woman

  • Heal Wounds of Abuse that Trap Your Heart with Bars of Fear

  • Be Immune to Peer Pressure- Hear Your Own Heart's Wisdom

  • Set a Strong Example of Loving Self-Worth for Your Daughters

  • Raise Your Expectations of What You Deserve to Experience in Life

  • Awaken Your Ability to Take Action to Create the Life of Your Dreams

  • Be Set Free from Society's Warped Sense of Beauty and Monetary Value

  • Know Your Own Power as a Divine Creative Goddess

Elisha (Song of the Wind) Gabriell works with the "Angels from the Heart of God" and Masters from the realms of Beauty, Joy and Healing.

She has taught classes and workshops for 30 years and is the author of

"White Buffalo and the Rainbow Warrior" and "Unveil Your Goddess Body".

Calendar 2021:

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