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Your Personal ATM using the Law of Attraction-
38 pages that will change your life!

You've probably heard of the Law of Attraction, that universal priniple that manifests health, wealth, success, love, career and opportunity in your life. You may have been inspired to create your heart's deepest wishes for yourself and your family. 

If you're like me and millions of others, you gave "manifesting" your best shot. Maybe you got good at manifesting the best spot in front of your favorite coffee shop. Maybe your income actually increased a little. Then you hit a wall. Your manifesting mojo faded out. You began to wonder if those small good things might have just been a coincidence.

Where is your log cabin in the mountains, or that beach front condo?

Where is your perfect life partner?

Why did the Law of Attraction stop working?

Where Did the Magic Go?

Hi! I'm Elisha Gabriell, an ex-Yoga teacher of 22 years, visionary, author of several books on deep spirituality, personal growth and holistic living. 30 years ago, I had Vision Boards in my walk-in closet to stand in front of and affirm my deepest dreams. I wanted that spacious log home in a beautiful mountain setting, the warmth of family and friends, and to be able serve others through my books, courses and live events.


I wish I could tell you that those colorful vision boards and hundreds of affirmations did the trick. However, 25 years later, I was living in a single wide trailer, working five 12 hour shifts in Alzheimer's Care, helping others to live their best possible lives while they experienced the limits of dementia.

I read every book on manifesting that was ever written! I affirmed even more, and released limiting beliefs that kept me from true abundance. 


It wasn't until I honed the true essence of manifesting that my life began to change.

I had read of interdimensional groups that worked in the higher realms using infinite "ATM Debit Cards" to fill their needs as they came up. I thought that concept

was so cool that I always remembered it.

How cool would it be to simply take out your cosmic debit card which is supported by the Bank of Infinite Funds to get what you asked for... every time?

How cool would it be to absolutely trust that those funds would  be there for you?


In 2018, while in the hospital for surgery, I had a near-death experience. While I lay there following surgery, in my room hooked up to a gazillion tubes, my breathing slowed. I became more and more relaxed... more and more deeply at peace.

After several minutes of my breath slowing, I said to myself, "I don't want to breathe. I don't need to breath." Breathing just seemed like too much trouble.

Instantly, I was standing before a space of pure golden light. As my own energy began to come into alignment with this higher realm of Spirit, I could see beings that were made out of this golden light. One of them began to walk forward to greet me while I could see the others waiting in the background.


I knew that they were my family who I would go home to when I chose to. I also knew that I could choose to stay within the physical realms, and that I could build my business that would touch hearts around this little blue planet that we call Earth.

The split second that I chose to stay within physical experience, I was back in my body, lying in a hospital bed, with a nurse bending over me, yelling, "Breathe!" I think that when I came back into my body, my eyelids flickered, and she knew that I was back. Later, they sent a heart monitoring machine with a technician into my room where they tested my heart over and over. I guess that when I stopped breathing, my heart had stopped.


However, they could find nothing wrong, and when I was released 2 days later, I showered, dressed and walked to the nurses station to see if it was okay for me to go downstairs to the entrance, as I was expecting one of my sons to pick me up. One of the nurses announced to me with excitement, "You're a miracle woman!" Another nurse chimed in, "She's not a miracle woman, she's a miracle being!" 


At that moment, I really didn't know what they were talking about, and didn't care. I wasn't focused upon my spiritual experience, and just wanted to get home. The next day, I remembered my near-death visit in detail, and shared with my sons what had happened. We all agreed that if I had chosen to stay within the realm of golden light, the nurses would have discovered a little too late that I had stopped breathing, and that would have had to tell my sons that they were so sorry, but they had "lost" me.

I wanted to get busy building my business and touching hearts and lives. I had many ahas! that led to insights as to what I had been doing "wrong" for decades. Yes, for decades!


I now found little known books written by mystics who honored the "heart of the divine" as I done for 30 years. I tuned in to their secrets and transformations from a different place inside of me. 


I understood that the eternal Now is a real thing!

I understood that the past is gone (if we leave it there), that the future is a possibility, and that this moment point is your only real power you have to creating your dreams.

I "got it" in a way that I never had before. I finally realized the mistakes that I had been making in both visualizing and affirming that I had been making for years. And I finally realized the deepest essence that I had sort of ignored before.

I guess, really, I knew about this principle. I had played with it a little. I just never realized that the entire Law of Attraction depended on this essence.





My dreams are finally coming true! I now have that choice of a mountain home, or to enjoy travel to Costa Rica or Vermont. I now have the ability to reach the hearts of people all around the globe.

And that means the world to me!

I shine brighter when I see YOU shine your light, heart and gifts to the world!

I am truly blessed with my heart's deepest desires. 

My life is filled with miracles that I co-created with Source. Large and tiny creations are happening every day, as they do with you.  And if you wish to create something new, this course will show you how.

In this course that I've designed for you, I'll go into several universal Laws that boost your ability to make tons of money: 

I'll cover the Law of Love and the Law of Now, and how to use them effectively.

You'll learn exactly how to not only create, but to sustain your manifesting.


You'll be able to attract goodness in all of its forms- wealth, love, expansion of heart and spirit, radiant health, and everything that your heart desires. Wealth will finally begin to flow into your life rather than hovering around the edges, teasing you with visions of financial freedom.

I can promise you one difference. You'll begin to manifest all of these wonderful aspects of a full and rich life through a gentle, assured confidence, rather than needy desperation (which never works!)

You are already a powerful co-creator with Source, with the Creator of worlds, who loves you more than you can even imagine. 

It's finally your time to realize what you can change today in your manifesting with your powerful Your Personal ATM using the Law of Attraction course.

You won't need to find a spot on the counter, or in the closet for this ATM machine. 

This Law of Attraction ATM will be available for you to use 24/7.



Do you believe that you're worth more in life?


Do you believe that your heart's dreams can come true?

The Law of Attraction ATM is sitting inside of you, 

awaiting your command-

I've now put all of my secrets into a course bundle for your pleasure.

This magical, mystical, and downright practical course

Your Personal ATM using the Law of Attraction, 

Includes three short PDF courses in one low price.


Course #1: The Newbie-

  • Fill me in on all of the Juicy details of the Law of Attraction!

  • What the heck is it?

  • How can I get it to work for me?

  • Is it based on real science, or wishful nonsense?

  • What can I do to get started?

  • How soon will I see results?


 This is your introduction to the Law of Attraction. I explain basic principles so that you'll understand them, become comfortable, and to be able to begin using them right away. Ready, Set, Go!

This  Newbie Course #1 is perfect for those who are just getting started,

and a super refresher for conscious creators before you dive into the deeper teachings.

Course Value- $27

Course #2: The Alchemist-

Yes, I've tried using the Law of Attraction before.

I just haven't had much success, and I'm not sure why.

I keep trying new techniques, but not much really manifests for me.

I have to admit that I'm more than a little bit frustrated!

I'd love to be better at manifesting my dreams for myself and for my family. 


In The Alchemist, you'll learn:

  • The most powerful force in the universe and HOW to use it to manifest riches. 

  • Hawaiian Secrets of manifestation. 

  • Ancient body vortexes that you can use to release blocked energies

                   and limiting beliefs. 

  • The two most powerful affirmations that touch your core beliefs in being able to manifest your dreams and goals. 

                                                        Course Value- $67   Bring it on!

The Wizard of Manifesting Course: 

  • Traveling even deeper into Universal Mystery to uncover little known tools for creating your every dream from trust and inner peace. 

  • Say goodbye to anxious desperation... forever! 

  • Exactly HOW to use the Law of Love and the Law of NOW to see, feel, touch and live your wishes and dreams.       

  • Recover from addictive habits of fear-based thinking while retraining your brain! 

  • What to do when your creating fails… you need to know this. 

Course Value- $67  I'm Ready!


Here's your bundle-

All 3 courses, valued at $171.00  


Your Personal ATM using the Law of Attraction- $67

Yes, that is correct. You do get all 3 easy courses for the very low price of $67. 

A massive change in your life, and your lifestyle is waiting right here for you.  

Do this today, as I will be raising my price in the near future. I am offering this program through many venues (including this one) where the cost to me of hosting my programs is going up.



I'm Ready to Create MY Dreams!

Immediate Download- $27
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