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Laughing Goddess International

Calling Abundance, Inner Peace and Joy
Forth from the Divine that You Are!

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Harnassing the Power of Love and Dreams,
Deep Healing and Tons of Laughter using the Deeper Principles of the Law of Attraction and the Force of Love!

The Magical Cottage takes you into your inner world of creation where dreams come true.

    Manifesting in 5D begins HERE!         Catch this Audio now!

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Hi! I'm Elisha Soleil Gabriell,

Kundalini Yoga teacher of 18 years, joyful creator,

visionary, healer and author.

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I'm a passionate whole foods cook with 1500 hours of nutrition and herbal training,

and founder of

"Laughing Goddess International".

My passion is for YOU and women around the world to touch your inner beauty and wisdom, awaken inner guidance and learn to consciously create your heart's dreams! You are a Goddess! 


The age of limitation has been completed, and the time is Now to open to the magnificence of

Who You Really Are.

​Through this intention,

Laughing Goddess International came to be!

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          In Morning Light

Do You Have an "Impossible" Dream that Would Change the World with Your Brilliance? If Only...?

Hey, it's Elisha! I will be mentoring a small group of passionately spiritual women to the fulfillment of their heart's deepest dreams and highest destiny. When you're tired of hitting your head on unseen blocks, give yourself the gift of becoming all that you were meant to be.

Discover the Juicy Details!

Get Your Free Gift- 105 Law of Attraction Affirmations that Awaken Alignment with Your Heart's Deepest Dream Now!


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Shine Like a Diamond!

Do You Know Who You Are?

Are You Embracing Your Life-Purpose?

 Turn low self-esteem into solid self-confidence; Uncover strengths and abilities that you were unaware that you have.  Learn techniques to release fear from your cellular structure; Change hesitation into brilliant self-knowing; Discover HOW your gifts can create self-supporting income for life-

Rock the Law of Attraction to create a real miracle; unfold your power to create your life's best expression;

Know yourself and what step to take next.

Testimonial Below-



Whoever buys this course from you will feel so lucky to have you as a mentor. You're so genuine, caring and enthusiastic. Such a great help!


Shine Like a Diamond! gave me the structure and assistance I needed to be able to look deeper into myself and to explore my life purpose. Elisha was readily available to answer questions, and genuinely cared about how I was doing in this program.

She even offered addtional exercises that helped me dig deeper and to get clarity on an issue where I was feeling stuck.  Elisha's big heart and enthusiasm were so refreshing! 

I highly recommend this beautiful, loving, nurturing course!

Love you my friend!!

Kathy Collins, Texas

Dreaming Your Life Awake
Unveiling the Treasures of the Night

Every dream or dream fragment has rich symbolism to awaken parts of your consciousness that have been long asleep!


Every dream is a part of YOU that is expressing in feelings and images with gifts of healing, reflections and wisdom for your

inner and outer journey through life.


There is only one YOU and every dream is your own mirror for you to see yourself more clearly.

Your own inner teacher is here for you every night with messages of how you can more fully embrace the Love that you are!

Are you listening?

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"Whispers of Love" Healing/Coaching


Radiant Health, Unlimited Wealth, Boundless Love

Wondrous Success, Spiritual Growth and Intuition

When you transform wounds and limitations through the power of your heart, amazing manifestations occur naturally. 

Who knew that it could be this easy?

Personal Sessions with Elisha and Her Friends-

the Angels from the Heart of God.


Learn More? Click Here!

See My Lovely Interview Hosted by Here!  They did a great job!

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 It was fun!

Thank-you for Shining Your Light! 

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