Laughing Goddess International 

offers classes, workshops and live events that free women to

live with joy, purpose and passion.

Together, we change the world through

the power of LOVE!

Laughing Goddess International
offers classes, workshops and live events
to set you

Your Gift!
The Awaken! Affirmations
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These affirmations will rock your world!

They touch and transform the limiting core-beliefs that

we all have around

what is possible for us to create, to be and to live! 

The Awaken! Affirmations were birthed from Love so that

   you can KNOW Who You Really Are.


What a way to start your day!


 Start Here- Scroll to the top menu bar and Click- Laughing Goddess Programs. 

Forever Natural Weight Loss; Holistic Weight Loss; Creating Sky-High Self-Esteem and Soaring Self-Worth;

Healing with the Angels!

Need Healing? I am pleased to serve your healing through my

Healing Journeys. 

Scroll to the top green bar and Click the Healing TAB above for all details. Read my Healing Stories!


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Did You Know that $30 from every Laughing Goddess Program goes to the organization, "Heifer International"?

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I'm so wildly grateful to be helping real moms, dads, and kids create self-sustaining and community-sustaining lives!Now you have become part of this circle of giving!   

Hugs! Elisha


Elisha Gabriell


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