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Laughing Goddess International

Calling Abundance, Inner Peace and Joy
Forth from the Divine that You Are...

Harnassing the Power of Love and Dreams,
Deep Healing and Tons of Laughter!


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The Magical Cottage is your

inner world of creation where

dreams come true.

    Manifesting in 5D begins HERE!         Catch this Audio now!

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In Morning Light

Hi! I'm Elisha Soleil Gabriell,

Yoga teacher of 18 years,

dream mentor, joyful creator,

visionary, healer and author.

(Click on drop-down menu to see my books)

I'm a passionate whole foods cook with 1500 hours of nutrition

and herbal training,

and founder of

"Laughing Goddess International".

My passion is for YOU and women around the world to touch your inner beauty and wisdom, awaken inner guidance and learn to consciously create your heart's dreams! You are a Goddess! 


The age of limitation has been completed, and the time is Now to open to the magnificence of Who You Really Are.

Through this intention,

Laughing Goddess International came to be!

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In Morning Light
          In Morning Light
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Dreaming Your Life Awake-
Unveiling the Treasures in the Night  

6-Week Zoom Course
Every Wednesday Night for 6 Weeks

These are some of the treasures that you'll uncover when you explore the messages of your dreams:

  • Fantasy animals (ie: half bird, half unicorn) might appear to represent those aspects of yourself, with messages for you to uncover a specific ability.

  • Beautiful landscapes will let you know that the peace and beauty you're looking for is there right inside of you.

  • You'll face fears that you've been avoiding in "awake life" and be able to finally heal.

  • You'll experience more freedom in your "awake life" as you clear and release limitations that have held you back. This is huge!

  • You'll understand your own reactions to elements of relationships that you've been puzzling over.

  • You'll get glimpses of your "perfect" direction in life- a career or past-time that fulfills your soul and expands Who You Really Are.

  • You'll create the dream environment to answer very specific questions that you'd love to receive clarity on. Lucky you!

  • You may be visited by angels or higher teachers of light who take you on sacred journeys into other realms, or who whisper life-changing words into your heart! Did you notice the little cherub by the dreamer's ear in the photo above? What do you think that this symbolizes? Let me know!

  • You may be visited by loved ones who have crossed over to let you know exactly what they want you to know, but couldn't say in "awake life".

  • How long do you think that you'll be dreaming at night?  Make an investment in yourself that will last a lifetime!

  • You will actually "Dream Your Life Awake!" and become aware of how your waking life is also a dream that you are creating, moment by moment. You'll learn how to interpret your waking dream. Yes, ALL of life's a dream!

I, Elisha, feel so blessed to be able to share my own explorations into the World of Dream. Many nights I wake up with memories that cause me to giggle and laugh, or to feel deep sadness until I go back into the dream and then use my own healing tools to bring complete healing, and restoration of love to that wounded aspect of myself.

Many mornings, I wake up knowing that I've received consciousness awakening "codes" and downloads that teach me more about the force of Love to create our worlds of joy and beauty. I share many of my own experiences along with the teachings in this ""Dreaming Your Life Awake" 6 Week Course.

I am so excited to be able to be one of those who awakens humanity to the wondrous world of night-time dreams that sometimes I shiver with the hugeness of this awakening!


How have we not used the treasures that are right inside of us for so long?

I can only conclude that as our sacred earth and humanity is moved into the higher frequency of 5D reality, aspects of life that have been right under our noses are becoming powerful tools for enlightment. We are now dreaming in 5D!

With conscious dreaming, we raise our own frequencies with the resulting

increase in compassion, healed hearts and a greater experience of living beauty

within the unfolding of a world of greater love!

And so it is!

To See What We'll Explore within this 6 Week

(Digital and Zoom

Dreaming Your Life Awake Course

Click the Learn More Button Now.

Have you worked with your night-time dreams to find out their

deeper meanings in your life?

Every dream or dream fragment has rich symbolism to awaken parts of

your consciousness that have been long asleep!

Every dream is a part of YOU that is expressing in feelings and images 

with gifts of healing, reflections and wisdom for your inner

and outer journey through life.


There is only one YOU and every dream is your own mirror for you

to see yourself more clearly.

Your own inner teacher is here for you every night with messages of how you can

more fully embrace the Love that you are!

Are you listening?

Colorado Springs DreamWeavers's 4 Week Course Starts Thursday, May 25, 7pm-8pm  $97   Celebration Metaphysical Store  975 Garden of the Gods Rd.  Register: Elisha 719-244-3165

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Shine Like a Diamond

Heart 3.jpg

  Your  Personal Healing with Elisha-
Whispers of Love

Shine Like a Diamond- Awakening Your Destiny through the Power of Love- 


This is a 6 module, 6 week course that reveals  your uniqueness and gifts.

You'll have fun uncovering your heart's dreams, and begin taking steps to create  them in this special and wondrous life.

The world needs your talents. Let's get going!

Your life purpose is to be 

wholly, fully and freely YOURSELF!

Click Here to Learn More!

Love Changes Everything!

Love Heals Everything!


Your every dream is calling you now.


Radiant Health

Unlimited Wealth

Boundless Love

Wondrous Success

Spiritual Growth and Intuition

When you transform wounds

and limitations through

the power of your heart,

amazing manifestations

occur naturally.


*Don't forget to click the top Menu for Elisha's Songs, Books & Stories! 

Thank-you for Embracing the Light that You Are!

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Contact Elisha at-

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