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Laughing Goddess International

Creating Your Dreams with the

Law of Attraction, Deep Healing,

Open Hearts, and Tons of Laughter!

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The Magical Cottage is your inner world of creation where dreams come true. Catch this Audio now!

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Get Your Free Magical Cottage Visualization Audio- Click Below

In Morning Light

Hi! I'm Elisha Soleil Gabriell,

an ex-Yoga teacher of 18 years,

an emmisary of Love,

joyful creator,

visionary and author.

(Click on drop-down menu to see my books)

I'm a passionate whole foods cook with 1500 hours of nutrition

and herbal training,

and founder of

"Laughing Goddess International".

I walk within the Living Heart and the Web of All Life, dancing within the song of the Divine Feminine Force of Creation.

The age of limitation has been completed, and the time is Now to open to the magnificence of Who You Really Are.

Through this intention,

Laughing Goddess International came to be!

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In Morning Light
          In Morning Light
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Shine Like a Diamond

Shine Like a Diamond- Awakening Your Destiny through the Power of Love- 


This is a 6 module, 6 week course that reveals  your uniqueness and gifts.

You'll have fun uncovering your heart's dreams, and begin taking steps to create  them in this special and wondrous life.

The world needs your talents. Let's get going!

Your life purpose is to be 

wholly, fully and freely YOURSELF!

Click Here to Learn More!

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  Your  Personal Healing with Elisha-
30 Minutes of Love!

Love Changes Everything!

Love Heals Everything!


Your every dream is calling you now.


Radiant Health

Unlimited Wealth

Boundless Love

Wondrous Success

Spiritual Growth and Intuition

When you transform wounds

and limitations through

the power of your heart,

amazing manifestations

occur naturally.


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105 Mini-Lessons using the Law of Attraction to Manifest Your Wildest Dreams... and Beyond!  Transcripts Here for You-

If you loved the 105 TikTok Videos and wished that you could have them all at your fingertips to create your every dream, HERE are the digital transcripts, all in one download!

105 reminders of your magnificence as the creator of every detail of your life. 105 reflections of how the Law of Attraction

really works.

Put your favorites on note cards to become a vital part of your morning creation work.

You get the the whole enchilada,

right here!

ONE CLICK    $97

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Ordinary Miracles Wisdom Teachings- Some of My Personal Tools for Creating Clarity and Joy 

You already are the co-creator of every aspect of your life. Your every thought contains the forces that create universes.

For most of my teen and adult life, others have asked me how I stay sane in an apparently insane world. 

They have commented,

"You seem so peaceful all of the time!"

How can YOU stay in alignment with your highest and best Self?

How might you start your day in a way that opens your heart, balances your imbalances, and clears any resistance to the touch of Spirit/the Divine in your everyday life?

I'm sharing the exact tools and sound currents that I've used for decades to create an integrated balance of

Heaven and Earth.

It's your turn to create those daily

Ordinary Miracles!



*Don't forget to click the top Menu for Songs, Books & Stories! 

Thank-you for Embracing the Light that You Are!

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Contact Elisha at-

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