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White Buffalo and the Rainbow Warrior-
Adventures in Spirit!


I am both proud and humbled that "White Buffalo" is recommended by the North American

Native Indian Council.


Come along with Elisha as she embraces a brand new life of connection, and of deep communion with All That Is.


Meet Old Coyote Woman who teaches Elisha of the ancient wisdom teachings.

Meet Spirit of the Hawk who enfolds her in his wings of power.


That spirit-brother, Two Trees shows Elisha images of groups who gather to uphold our sacred, living Earth through the greatest power-

the power of the heart.

Embrace the star-elder, Rama,

as Elisha suddenly recognizes him as 

ancient friend and companion!














Elisha offers her own life-journey (visions, lessons, laughter and tears) as a mirror for you to see your own magnificence, beauty and potential.

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I wrote White Buffalo many years ago. I believe that my experiences are timeless, and that you can use them for your own spiritual journey, to learn and grow.

Read it and then let me know your thoughts.


Much love, many blessings!



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