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Shine Like a Diamond!
Awakening Your Destiny through the Power of Love-

Do You Know Who You Are?

Are You Embracing Your Life-Purpose?

In Shine Like a Diamond! you'll:

        Learn to turn low self-esteem into solid self-confidence-


        Uncover strengths and abilities that you were unaware that you have-

         Learn techniques to release fear from your cellular                     structure-

        Change hesitation into brilliant self-knowing-

        Discover HOW your gifts can create self-supporting                    income for life-

        Rock the Law of Attraction to create a real miracle, and              learn your power to create your life's best expression-

         Know yourself and what step to take next!

         You'll want to save these steps that will save your sanity             when you're stressed to the max- the Emergency                       Process.

Your life purpose is be wholly, fully and freely YOURSELF!





This Course consists of 6 Modules, each Module taking one full week to explore an aspect of the life that you would love to create.


Here, you'll explore in detail, exactly what you would love to create more of...

and what you would love to reduce or eliminate.

You'll learn how to create your true heart's dreams

with ease and with joy!

This is a "complete at your own pace" course. 

Begin when you want, and complete as you can.

But, don't delay! 


Your precious life is waiting. 

 Our world awaits the gift of YOU!

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Order Now- 6 Week, Self-Guided, Shine Like a Diamond Course
that Will Aim You Clearly to Your Life's Purpose         

Click Here- was $187    Today- $97 Summer Special!


Bonus! For a few weeks only, I will include with your order, 2 free email communications with me, Elisha, to answer any questions, and for you to really rock this wonderful course. Become your best self now! 

*Note- You must email me immediately after payment to put you on my communication list. Please don't overlook this step!

Testimonial Below-



Whoever buys this course from you will feel so lucky to have you as a mentor. You're so genuine, caring and enthusiastic. Such a great help!


Shine Like a Diamond! gave me the structure and assistance I needed to be able to look deeper into myself and to explore my life purpose. Elisha was readily available to answer questions, and genuinely cared about how I was doing in this program.

She even offered addtional exercises that helped me dig deeper and to get clarity on an issue where I was feeling stuck.  Elisha's big heart and enthusiasm were so refreshing! 

I highly recommend this beautiful, loving, nurturing course!

Love you my friend!!

Kathy Collins, Texas

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