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Angels, Ascended Masters, 
Star-Elders Help You to
Transform Your Life-

Are you ready to transform your life using the Law of Attraction

and the Force of Love? Step into your Mastery-

Are you ready to move through challenges with grace and joy?

Are you ready to claim your best possible life with confidence and ease?

Are you ready to stand in the Truth of Who You Really Are?


  I believe that you deserve every good thing

that flows into your personal daily reality from the heart of Source/Creator.


I believe that what you focus on, again and again, will become your reality.

I believe that you are a powerful co-creator with forces of the Divine. 


I believe that you were born to live an amazing life, 

and that YOU are the only one who can give your gifts and talents

to the world in your own unique way.

I offer these personal sessions for you to transform blocks and 

limiting beliefs that have kept you small. 

I want to see you spread your beautiful wings of Light and Soar through the Heavens!

Call me, Elisha, and let's begin this beautiful awakening of your body, mind and spirit!

719-244-3165  email:

Cost- $147  30 min. session   Zoom or phone

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